One Habit to Change Your Life

January 2-3, 2016 • John Dickerson







I will walk about in freedom for I have sought out your precepts. (Psalm 119:45)

我要自由而行.〔或作我要行在寬闊之地〕因我素來考究你的訓詞。(詩篇 119:45 )


God’s GUIDEBOOK  directs me to live in FREEDOM and FULFILLMENT



Every day I am living by one of 3 guidebooks:

Guidebook 1: SELF-wisdom leads to DEATH.

Guidebook 2: CULTURE-wisdom leads to CLONES.

Guidebook 3: GOD’S wisdom leads to FREEDOM.






4 Steps to Make God’s Word a Life-Directing Guide:



1. EXAMINE my life choices, and DAILY TURN my steps toward God’s plans.


I have considered my ways and have turned my steps to your statutes. (Psalm 119:59)

我思想我所行的道、就轉步歸向你的法度。(詩篇 119:59)



2. COMMIT befrehand that I will OBEY God’s commands, no matter what.

二、首先要做出承諾,無論如何 我都會服從上帝的命令。

You are my portion, Lord;

I have promised to obey your words…(Psalm 119:57)

I will hasten and not delay

to obey your commands.(Psalm 119:60)

耶和華是我的福分。我曾說、我要遵守你的言語。(詩篇 119:57)

我急忙遵守你的命令、並不遲延。(詩篇 119:60)



3. SIDE WITH GOD’s Word when the culture around me calls it foolish.

三、 選擇神的話語,即使我所處的社會文化視之為愚蠢。

Though the wicked bind me with ropes, I will not forget your law. (Psalm 119:61)

惡人的繩索纏繞我.我卻沒有忘記你的律法。(詩篇 119:61)



4. TRUST God’s Word MORE THAN I trust my SELF.


At midnight I rise to give you thanks for your righteous laws. (Psalm 119:62)

我因你公義的典章、半夜必起來稱謝你 (詩篇 119:62)




One Habit to Change Your Life:


• Will I choose to make God’s Word my Guidebook in 2016?

• When specifically will I open God’s Word each day, to align myself with it?

• Will I commit to practice this one habit for the next 20 days? If so, schedule into your calendar as a recurring event. Tell a friend who shares your values, or make a reminder for yourself.








Make 2016 Your Best Year Yet.



Application/Discussion Questions


1. In the rush of news, social media and constant information in our lives, many people lack a unifying purpose, stability and meaning in their lives. In what ways could this describe you?

2. To live by God’s guidebook is to trust His direction—even when it makes no sense to our minds. We talked about football players who run a play based on the plan and not based on what they see or experience. Is there an area in your life right now, where God’s play is the opposite of what your senses tell you to do?

3. In Psalm 119 verses 45 and 57-64, we learned “4 Practical Ways to Choose God’s Word” as our playbook in life. Take a moment to read those verses and review the points. Which of the 4 practical ways (listed above in the outline) most speaks to you right now?






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